Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bonsai Trimming

Today was alright at the green house, as far as days there go. I was given a lot to do, which is just fine with me because when I'm kept busy time goes faster. First I had to water all the plants in the front, because holy HELL today was hot. So hot that I actually broke a sweat, which seemed to disappear by the time customers actually came in. Once I was done watering, I got to do something pretty kick-ass...

Sculpt the bonsais!

We have a lot of bonsai trees which get very little attention aside from their daily watering. I was wondering if their growth was noticed, and today I was asked to trim them. Well, a few of them had been sculpted, especially the older ones, so all I had to do was follow their lead. For the younger ones, I actually got to sculpt them myself! It was pretty sweet, I've read up on bonsai sculpting and I'm pretty sure I did alright. Nobody screamed and pointed at any horrible wrecks, so I'm gonna assume they look good!

As for the drama of yesterday, looks like we'll be handling it Thursday. Which means for the next three weeks, I will be in for a TON of stress. Weeee...

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