Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ah, Wednesday!

So it's Wednesday, that day where I'm home alone with the cat, doing laundry. I always come across the worst decisions on these days... to shower, or not to shower? To shop or not to shop? Mostly I mope around the house, wishing I had a better job, sending resume after resume while watching bad day-time TV. Speaking of which, at least Home Improvement is still on TV! Go Wilson!

I'm pretty much the same today, according to the WiiFit. No gains, no losses. I'm probably going to have to cut a few snacks from my diet that might be stalling me. No more caffeine (!!!), or nuts. I gotta make a grocery store run today, anyway. Only need a few things, like vegetables, and... vegetables!


screwdestiny said...

To shower or not to shower. LOL! I just stare at the same crap on the internet till my brain starts bleeding on days like that.

Amy said...

just spray a little perfume and pass on the shower. on crappy days, being cold, wet, and naked are less than enjoyable.