Sunday, October 18, 2009

Awwww, bummer!

Well, looks like nobody spoke to the club manager about getting us recorded for Sync Live.. but the good news is that we do have video of our performance, which I should get my hands on by Thursday. And thank goodness for that, because it was the absolute BEST performance we've ever done! I've never been so proud of the guys or myself.

Now for a little media news, looks like some designers in England are working on a new pageant called "Miss Natural Curves" for chicks who are a size 12 and over. I think that in England, a size 12 is about a 10 in the US? Well anyway, I think it's a great idea. I wish we had one in the US! Our only beauty pageants are pretty much either for plus-sized women (you must be a 14 at least) or for really skinny women (you must be a size 2 at most), so what about all of those chicks in between?? I've always wanted to compete in beauty pageants, but my weight isn't the only thing stopping me... at 5'1" I'm just too short to model a damn thing! Too short and too curvy, which is what leads me to my next discussion, action figures!

I swear this will make sense...

A friend of mine contacted me about sculpting me as an action figure, sort of like the KISS action figures by McFarlane Toys. Mine is going to be more of a statuette than a posable action figure, but, it will be molded so that there can be more produced, and we'll be making boxes for them and everything! So not only am I going to be helping out a friend with his portfolio... I'm gonna be a freaking action figure!! I can't tell you what a dream come true that is for me.

As for weight loss, I went a little crazy yesterday and ate a few things I shouldn't have. I'm gonna try not to guilt trip myself, because seriously, I was freaking starving, and I'd rather eat something crappy than suffer those massive headaches again. Now I just gotta work my ass off to make the bad food go away... here we go again.

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big_mummy said...

now that is tooo coolll!! wow cant wait to see the figure. cool.

yeah a size 12 here is about a 10 there, i remember because when i was a size 14 and i had a pair of CK jeans it had the american sizing in which i loveeeddd