Friday, October 2, 2009

That's crap!

Okay, so I have this condition that many people consider crap. It's called "restless leg syndrome". I've had this for a long time, I'm remembering that I've had it since at least high school, and it SUCKS. Most of the time I get it when I go to bed too late, and I'm seriously exhausted. What sucks about it is how it keeps me up at night. What sucks more is that there is no known treatment for it. It's gotten so bad recently that my legs will twitch without me making them. I'm sure they keep Willy up, too.

The pain is weird to describe. It's more like an... ache. Like, if I don't move my legs, I get this horrible horrible ache that won't go away, and the longer I go without moving them, the more crazy I have to move them in order to make them stop aching. I look like I'm possessed, flailing around like a maniac.

From Google Health:

Restless leg syndrome can result in a decreased quality of sleep (insomnia) with subsequent daytime sleepiness, anxiety or depression, and confusion or slowed thought processes from lack of sleep.

Oh yeah, definitely. I can't tell you how little I function without sleep. I'm just crap without my 8 hours, and restless legs wake me up constantly throughout the night. It's the worst! I'll be all comfy, with my cat nuzzled in one arm, and Willy in the other, and then I get the shakes. And my damn legs hurt, and I kick like a crazy person until both my cat and husband abandon their cuddle positions and I have to get up to stretch or walk. And as soon as I lie down again, the ache comes back. It hardly ever stops.

I got a doctor's appointment today for my headache. I'll also be throwing something in about my constant hair loss and restless legs. Yes, you read right. Hair loss. My hair hasn't been thick since middle school, and I lose a ton of full length strands every day. I don't know if it's a vitamin deficiency or what, but I'm really tired of it. Hopefully my doctor can work some magic or something.


Amy said...

My kid has RLS, too - just occasionally, but still....poor thing is sleep deprived enough as it is...

Carlos said...

that sounds horrible!