Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oooh, gossip!

So one of the chicks from Baywatch has gained a bit of weight. Not THAT much, mind you.. she's maybe a 12 at most. Depends on her height. Anyway, she's gonna be on Celebrity Fit Club and she made this video. Now it's funny, because the Superficial is a website full of people who make fun of fate people like it's a sport. But for this video, a good 90% of the people posting are saying that they'd STILL hit that, she's not that fat, and the two dudes in the water are way fatter.

I totally agree. I still think the video is funny because of the ending, but damn, if this is what Hollywood is considering super ass fat, then we're in big trouble.

How does this hit me, personally? It hits me pretty badly, because my body is pretty similar to this chick's. I don't have the stomach, but everything else? Yes... which is why when I see those guys reject her, I feel reassured that I'm a huge fat-ass and need to keep trying to lose weight. Even though everyone is all, "Oh you're not fat!" I'll never feel like I'm thin until I'm Baywatch thin.

I was watching that new Comedy Central show, "Secret Girlfriend" (it's terrible) and there was a scene where these girls were playing kickball. I told Willy, "See, that's why I'm jealous of skinny girls. Look how much fun they're having." And he told me it was all in my head, I could totally have that much fun if I wanted to. He doesn't get it. I can NEVER have that much fun, because the entire time I'd be playing, I'd be afraid that some part of me that isn't my boobs would be jiggling, which would lead to people laughing at me. I'm not kidding. I go through every moment of my life afraid that someone is laughing at me for being fat. It's pretty damn taxing, but there you go.

I wish that I could wake up one day and have skinny thighs, and be able to wear shorts and run freely with all of the other giggling pretty girls. Wouldn't that be amazing? Holy shit.


screwdestiny said...

This post really depressed me, quite frankly.

The human body is beautiful. Fucking beautiful. Not just super skinny bodies. Your body, I'm sure, is beautiful as well. Round thighs do not make you the overweight unattractive freak that your mind seems to have tricked you into thinking you are. Bigger thighs and hips are womanly. They really are. When you look at nude paintings from the artists long ago (if you ever do this), do you think the models are ugly/fat because they have larger thighs? Larger everything in fact. I sure don't. They look beautiful to me.

I understand this is something you're gonna have to work through on your own, but when I read posts like this I just want to shake you and say, "Stop letting life pass you by because you have this complex!" It can be amazing at just the size you are right now. Sorry if this sounded harsh...

Nina said...

Not harsh at all. I know that I have a problem, but it's the sort of problem that I won't be able to fix any time soon. Celebrities who have already made their fortune have the benefit of being rich enough that they can be any size they want and still make a living. I'm not at that point yet, and I know that I'll always be worried that someone is laughing at me no matter what happens.

Jill said...

Hollywood's ideal? A bone. Just a bone. Maybe a thigh bone. Long, skinny. No flesh, no skin, no anything that makes a person living, breathing and human. Just a damn bone.
Lesson of the day? Choose wisely those whose opinions you value.

Anonymous said...

loved your post about nicole...all the way to the part where you become totally self absorbed and rant about your paranoia of people laughing at you for being fat. are you kidding me??? i can promise you right now that you are not THAT important to random strangers and they really couldnt care less about how you look, your weight, or YOU! grow up already!