Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crying myself awake

This morning, I actually started crying after I turned off my alarm. I think I was overwhelmed by today's schedule.

04:30 - wake up, wash hair
04:15 - drive to Metro
05:15 - take Metro to DC
06:30 - walk to work
07:00 - get dressed, go buy breakfast, eat breakfast
08:00 - start work
16:00 - dress down, walk to Metro
16:15 - take Metro to Shady Grove
17:30 - drive to Manassas
19:00 - get something to eat
19:15 - get to band practice, eat, audition drummers
22:00 - drive home
13:00 - go to sleep
05:00 - wake up, drive to Manassas
08:00 - be poked, prodded, and tested
12:00 - ...pass out??

Yeah, I cried this morning. I'm so gaddamn tired. Good news, though. I learned that 10 raspberries only have 2 carbs, and 1 of them is dietary fiber. BRING ON THE BERRIES!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Metro Murders Doors

"This is Friendship Heights. Welcome to Washington."

I got into my car this morning, intent on driving to Shady Grove. Shady Grove is the closest Metro station to the place we're staying; Willy's parents' house in Maryland, in a town called Damascus. I hate it there. Willy would be fine with living in a little town like Damascus. My home town, Forestville, was also a suburb. I guess the difference was in it's closeness to DC. We were literally a walk away from Pennsylvania Avenue; the same Penn. Ave. that the White House sits on. It goes all the way from DC, into my home town. if you drive it, you'll end up going past my old high school, and into the district within five minutes.

In my home town, we've got guns, violence, drunks and drugs. In Willy's home town, they've got drugs and drunks. Not so very much violence, but a lot of bored white people who drink a lot. It takes at least 50-60 minutes to drive directly into the city, which means I need to use the Metro to get there, and even then I need to wake up at 5:00AM, at the latest, to get in to work on time.

This morning, I turned on my radio and learned, to my horror, that two more Metro workers have died. I'm not sure if there is some strange irony at work here, but it seems that even our public transportation is becoming famous for killing people. Even our basketball team is carrying guns to practice. They re-named our team "The Wizards" because "The Washington Bullets" was too violent sounding. Right.

As far as your typical DC tradgedies, my dad has gotten the brunt of it in our family. My dad was injured building Metro. A steel beam fell on his foot and crushed it. They managed to rebuild it, and after two or three years of painful recovery, he was able to walk again. He still works. He's been knifed by a guy, before. While at one of our many liquor stores, some dude attacked him with a knife and nearly sliced off his ear. A police officer arrested him, thinking he was drunk, because he was going to buy beer with red eyes.

Sorry, officer. I've been up since 3 AM this morning, working at the Virginia Department of Transportation.

My brother had a tiny little run-in. While taking a girl to a dance at Suitland High School, the same place I ended up attending, he and his date were attacked. His date's face was sliced open with a glass bottle.

My sister has been shot, before. She says that it was someone trying to car-jack her. She asked only that she be able to remove her baby from the car, first. This happened at her house in DC.

So I'm thinking, today. With all of the shit that's happened, why do I still hate living in the suburbs?? You'd think that after seeing the violence, the guns, the drug runs, I'd be running and screaming for some peace and quiet.. but I just can't get used to it. As soon as I hear the soothing voice of that Metro operator, welcoming me to my beloved city, I smile inside. I'm home, and I'm very lucky that a slight delay in Metro services is all the inconvenience that I've been given.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Mother of fuck! If there's one thing that pisses me off, it's when something I was looking forward to doesn't go my way. Like the film adaptation to one of my favorite books, Water For Elephants. This is a beautiful story about love, hardship, and the circus. I kept telling Willy, "Man, this would make a great movie!"

Now, lo and behold, they're making a movie. Starring she-of-the-mighty-chin, Reese Whitherspoon, and... oh my shit.. Robert-I-look-like-I'm-sucking-dick-all-day-Patterson.

My literary nerd rage knows no bounds.

From I Watch Stuff.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Metro and Books

So it's winter. I've travelled through DC during the winter, before. During my college years, I took Metro to school every day. It was cold back then, sure. But damned if I remember being THIS COLD every single day. I don't know if it's me, or if Metro just isn't turning on their heat anymore. I don't recall ever getting on the train and going, "Wow, it feels just like I'm still standing outside." This morning, it was too cold for me to even read.

I'm working on this book right now called "The Naked and the Dead". It's a gritty World War II novel, written from the POV of soldiers in the Pacific. It's definitely a man's book, written by a man for men, and hoo boy, is it hillarious. From the constant dialogue that involves getting pussy, having pussy and wanting pussy, to the deep and meaningful conversations where two soldiers come to the realization that women just aren't interested in sex. Not like men, anyway.

HOLY SHEET. I love reading this old-timey shit, because it's so funny how men used to think. How some of them STILL think.

Lemme clear some things up for ya, soldier boys. It's not that women aren't interested in having sex. It's that they're not interested in having sex with YOU. Now, if she were propositioned by a good looking man, with a job, and a personality, well, she'd probably become a horned-out super slut. All depending on if he's her type, of course.

I also read "Push", which is what Precious is based on. It's a great book, but my GOD was it visceral. So much horror, blood, and sadness. It had the sort of ending that you can expect, one that isn't happy but has a sort of growth. Throughout the book, you're actually reading through the eyes of Precious, and you can see her world unfold from one of terror and mysery to hope and renewal. So, in a way, it's actually quite beautiful. I started crying after the first page, big baby that I am, and my guitarist asks what I'm reading. I explain what it is, and he's fairly shocked that I, being such a normally happy person, am reading something so depressing. So I explain that I read a lot of depressing shit, which is why I am generally so happy.

People, it's easy to be happy when you're reading about opressed women in China having their feet broken, bound, and scraped clean of rotting dying flesh. Shit, at least I've got my gaddamn FEET.

That doesn't make being cold any easier to live through, but it does give me some perspective. That's what I love about books. They take me to places I couldn't otherwise travel to, and allow me to live the life of someone who might never have existed. They let me go out of myself and look back at my position with envy. I mean shit, Precious Jones would KILL to be me! So I should be grateful for the crap I've got, right? Right.

Willy says I'm one book short of getting a Kindle. BUT I DON'T WANNA.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I was wrong!!

I ended up not getting to sleep until 11. x_x Tonight I've got band practice, which means I probably won't even be home until 11, let alone in bed.. and then I gotta get up at 4 for work, and after work, my birthday party! Did I mention that today is my birthday?


Friday night will be spent partying, but I still need to wake up at a decent hour to do some recording on Saturday morning for a song.. which means that I won't get a good night's sleep until... Saturday night. Oh boy. To top it all off, I'm having horrible stomach pains. All I had for dinner last night was pork and seukreuat, and this morning I had bacon and eggs with coffee and a big bottle of water, so I figured I'd be alright for the day. Oh, my poor retarded stomach. Here's hoping I'm not getting sick.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sorry darlings, but there's nothing much to report. As far as eating goes, I had a slight relapse this weekend, but was back in the saddle by Monday. Since I'm only weighing myself on Saturdays, I'm hoping that I won't freak out, but we'll see. Willy got super sick on Sunday, and I had to take a sick day to care for him. Fortunately (or unfortunately) a co-worker had to call off today, which allowed me to take her hours, which were conveniently the same amount I lost on Monday. This means that I got to do a 12 hour shift, today. It also means I started at 4AM. Which means that I had to arrive by 3. Which means that I woke up at 1:30. Which means that I was in bed by 7. x_x

I'm gonna enjoy sleeping tonight, I tell ya what.. a 9PM bedtime doesn't seem so crazy when compared to one at 7.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


So we weighed in, this morning. According to el scale-o, Willy has lost at LEAST 10lbs. If the scale is over by 5lbs, he's lost 10.

It also means, if the scale is off by 5lbs, that I've lost nothing. If not, I'm back to my normal 122.5. I'm not going to let it get to me. I'm gonna keep up what I've been doing. But until then, I am so proud of my Willy!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Diet Religions

Diets are a lot like religions; when someone questions yours, you become defensive and insulted. That's how I feel, anyway, but it's hard not to when you're being questioned. It's hard to eat low-carb around people who still hold on to the old "low fat" values.. but even when those values are PROVEN not to work, they still criticize and look at me like a crazy person for eating the way I do, and having my husband do the same.

I'm hoping that someday, we'll have the freedom to discuss diet and religion without being looked at like weirdos. I still feel like an outcast for being Catholic, but that's another complaint entirely.

Willy got an e-mail from a company asking to talk, so I'm hoping that he'll have some good news for me today. Unfortunately, the job is in Baltimore, which means we'll need to look for a half-way point if he gets the job, which annoys the hell out of me. I wanted to live in Virginia, but it looks like we'll be stuck in Maryland. I love my Maryland, but man, I loved my Virginia more.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nina's Top 10 Sexiest Journalists

BEHOLD! MY top 10 sexy journalists...

Kamahl Santamaria - Al Jazeera

Less well known than his fellow shiny-toothed news brethren, like Aladdin, Kamahl is a diamond in the rough. His friendly smile and happy demeanor allow us to look past the sand, and into the man. Hopefully as time progresses, we will see more of this happy go lucky guy, hopefully without mortars exploding behind him.

Sam Champion - ABC (Good Morning America)

His name says it all. Sam is the "tall, blonde, and charming" type of guy who looks like a prince, sounds like a prince, and is likely the descendant of some sort of Swedish royal family. He could easily father the Third Reich all by himself, and we wouldn't fault him for it. Who wouldn't want to be ruled by a legion of sexy supermen? I certainly wouldn't mind.

Max Foster - CNN

With the voice of an angel and the chin of a god, Max is the very essense of "News". He's the sort of guy who could tell you that the world is coming to an end, while still managing to send a thrill up your spine. Know no fear, Max. Know no fear.

Matt Lauer - NBC (The Today Show)

Known for his role as host of the Today Show, Matt has a way of smiling that lets you know he's a people person. If this is the sort of guy who kicks dogs and spits at the homeless, you wouldn't know it by his friendly demeanor. He has chisseled features that are in no way slighted by his short hair cut; in fact, the short do seems to allow his naturally handsome features to shine even more brightly.

Stephen Colbert - Comedy Central (The Colbert Report)

Although technically, not a real journalist, Stephen Colbert still brings the US it's news through satire and laughter. It can not be denied, however, that his face is finely sculpted, and his teeth blindingly white.

John Vause - CNN

A skilled performer with a sexy little Superman curl, John can cheer up any destitute child he finds in the 3rd world countries he reports from. One can only hope that he doesn't get maleria, or anything else that would reduce his sweet sweet ass.

Bill Hemmer - Fox News

A "good ole boy" American type of guy, Bill brings us back to our suburban lives with a charming smile, and the body that seems to scream "FOOTBAAAALL WOOOOO!!!!!". In truth however, he is an intelligent young man, who's expertise can only be outmatched by the size of his shoulders.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta - CNN

A ridiculously good looking man with a heart of gold, we can only imagine how God managed to roll everything a woman has ever needed into a tight, hard, brown package. Dr. Gupta not only speaks like a genius, he actually turned down a job from the single most charismatic man in the world, President Obama. Proof that the myth about Asians having small junk can not be true, because this man has got some seriously righteous balls.

Tom Brokaw - NBC (Nightly News)

Like an eagle, Tom soars through the airwaves and into our hearts. His dark, deep, slightly nasal voice is a memory that brings us to every tradgedy that has happened in the past 20 years. His is a bittersweet tune; a bone chilling aria that leaves us begging for more.

Anderson Cooper - CNN

Like an iconic symbol of pure masculinity and sex, Anderson Cooper is the sort of man that makes other men look like babbling monkey people. Mr. Cooper has the sort of otherworldly alien attractiveness that is nothing short of awe inspiring. His teeth are white, his suits are crisp, and his hair is so fair that it is made of 100% pure platinum. It is quite possible that Anderson Cooper is an amalgamation of all good things, put together, like an increadibly sexy Frankenstein's Monster. May his sperm never impragnate a mortal woman, lest she give birth to what can only be described as the son of a god.

I feel gre--, oh..

Well, the good news is that since I've been eating on-plan for the past few days, I've felt much better. And I have not weighed myself even once! I'm hoping I'll get a pleasant surprise when I do, so I'm saving it for next Saturday. Willy, unfortunately, went off plan on Sunday. He's back on track now, so I'm hoping I can help keep him there. My iron will must be strong to withstand both he an I's weaknesses.

Today is gonna be a rough day. I didn't get enough sleep, and I'm feeling it badly. I took a 5 Hour Energy, but it's not working at ALL. I feel dead at my computer. I guess you just can't replace sleep with caffeine.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Not gonna be easy...

So I'm trying to figure something out. If Willy wants to diet, why does he place the blame on not getting to eat junk food on me?? He seems incapable of eating out unless it's junk food. He can't compromise. If I suggest going to a steak house, he'll tell me that he is going to break his diet. Never mind the fact that it's perfectly easy to eat a steak, veg, salad, soup, all sorts of things on our diet. No, eating out = junk food. So I've got to make dinner. Every night.

Now, I don't mind making dinner.. but after a long ass drive from Pennsylvania, I kinda wanted a break. Nope. Had to run to the store to buy broccoli.

So lemme tell ya what happened today! Willy and I needed to go to VA to turn in our last bill for the old apartment. On the way, we were invited by his younger brother to visit one of the cousins at he and his wife's house. In Pennsylvania. Now, I don't mind driving that far, but the fact is, we drove from VA, through MD, to PA, and then found out.. once we got there... that they had dogs. Once we discovered this, Willy went livid and we didn't even go inside. We just left. Why? I AM DEATHLY ALLERGIC TO DOGS. Everyone knows this!! I tell people this whenever they discuss getting a puppy. They have SEEN me while sick! Whenever I am near any type of dog, I get a hacking cough, runny nose, itchy eyes, and severe asthma. Even more severe since I don't have Advair. I am nasty sick for at least a day, sometimes two. Even if I take a shower.

So even when Willy explained this, his brother gets mad. Like it's our fault for leaving!? Why the fuck didn't you tell us he had a dog before we drove through three states?! I feel so hurt. Nobody seems to understand, except my own husband. We just wasted 4 hours of our Saturday in transit to a place we couldn't even visit. Thanks a gaddamn lot, what a Saturday.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year!

Willy and I got in last night--, er, sorry, this morning, at about 5:30AM. I drove us all the way from our friend's house in VA, to his parents' house in MD, and it only took me an hour! x_x I was very lucky in that I tend to sober up very quickly, and only retained a slight hangover this morning that was mostly fixed by drinking lots of water. Dehydration is the cause of hangovers, and I can always tell when I drank too much because I feel dry and sticky. Gross.

So far, Willy's doing well on his New Year's Resolution! He's too hungover to eat badly... XD