Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 5

Sorry I couldn't update yesterday, our internet was down. I had a pretty fun photo shoot with my band, though! Got some nice shots for the EP. Spend a loooong time on make-up, lemme tell ya. I even got my hair done for this one! I'll post pictures soon, but I need to edit them for the stuff we need to order.

The fasting went just fine. We went to an Italian restaurant after the shoot, and I got myself a small pizza with no cheese, some mushrooms, black olives, and anchovies. Awesome. I also got a mango sorbet for dessert. So I haven't cheat yet! I'm still going strong. Today it snowed pretty badly in the area, and I've called the office but there doesn't seem to be anyone there. We go by the government as far as closings are concerned, and today Fairfax County Gov. has liberal leave. Since all of the schools are closed, I'm betting most folks are at home with their kids.

Or, they're shmucks like me with tiny cars that can't drive through snow. My parking lot hasn't been plowed or treated or anything, so, I'm not gonna risk putting my car through hell. Plus, nobody on my team is signed into instant messenger, which means they probably aren't in the office. So I'll just spend the day all by my lonesome and stay home.

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Davalian said...


Don't have to be all lonely and the like, you've messangers, you can poke me at the office. Also, yay for keeping it up! I'm holding in there, I think. :)