Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Monday..

So comes another week. Last week was so wonderful I don't know how I'll be able to survive this one. I suppose I'll be working on my webcomic, or a new drawing. I have terrible art ADD. I always get tired of my projects too early and not finish it, or finish it half-assed. I hate that about myself.

I'm looking at a few inspirational pieces, though. I think I'll start at the beginning, and try my hand once again at digitally painting. Usually when I try this I'm impressed with myself for a day, then I go back and I realize it was a total disaster. Artists are their biggest critics, but mine makes me utterly depressed. Then again, this could just be the depression talking. Give it a few hours and I might be happy as a clam.

One thing is for sure.. I'm absolutely sick of this office and this monotinous lifestyle. Please God lets sign that contract with our agent soon, lets finish out album, lets go on tour. I feel alive when I'm singing, when I'm writing music. I've known that since I was old enough to know what singing was. Now that I've found my musical niche, I'm ready to step into it. The rest of my band is, too. I just hope the world is ready to accept us.

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