Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The life of an office drone...

As I sit in my office getting giddy over the e-mails sent by the boyfriend over at EA Mythic, I realize what a sad sorry state I am in.

Here I am, a working college graduate. I should be thankful for the cards I've been dealt. After all, I could be unemployed. I could be living with my parents. I could be (God forbid) carless. Luckilly, I'm pretty independant. I can afford groceries (usually...), and depending on how well I work here, I could go a bit farther. But it's a miserable existence, to be here, day in and day out with nothing to do.

So I'm working on my painting. My digital painting skills aren't the best in the world, and I aim to make them better. It's been a dream of mine to be a skilled fantasy or comic book artist, so lemme take the time out of my boring day to paint. This is my best, so far. It's called "Sunset Sonata", and it's based off of an RP that I did with someone in World of Warcraft a few weeks ago. Ninorra, my character, is a warlock who's singing voice inspires emotions in people. Skafloc, a WoW buddy of mine, is seen here listening to her while he simultaniously gets a message that his ex-wife is being hunted down and murdered. All things considered, it was a pretty hot RP. No, these two pictured aren't romantically linked. Actually, Ninorra is hapilly married, and Skafloc is with another lady. But there was a weird connection between them, even if they have absolutely nothing in common. I liked painting this. I hope I can do better.

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