Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cry more, noob!

I love it when people talk about this sort of problem with America. How we are so concerned with what everyone else is doing, that we refrain from solving out own problems. this article, written by Roland S. Martin, says just that.

"Now we must take action. You must decide whether you want to complain about your situation or work to fix the problem. You may not be able to end the war in Iraq yourself, but when you begin to build alliances with others, your action may change the hearts of many in Washington.

You may not be able to solve our education crisis in America, but maybe if you and others get together and begin to tutor young kids, you could increase reading and math scores for your little group.

In the Bible, Nehemiah sought to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. Others called him nuts for thinking he could do so. But he pressed on. He also told the people not to focus on others, but just on rebuilding the area in front of their home. When each household just rebuilt their portion of the wall, then the entire wall would be finished, and that would provide protection for everyone."

Take these words to heart, people. If there's a problem, try to fix it. Don't just complain and wait. Do something to better the world instead of judgemental and lazy.

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