Monday, November 5, 2007


Another day, another Atkins shake to tide me over for the next.. er... five hours? Well, that's not exactly fair. See I've already been here for four hours. So the shake is supposed to last me for nine.

I really need a raise. I never figured I'd actually be a "starving artist", but I just can't bring myself to eat unhealthy food anymore. Given the choice between Ramen and starving, I'd much rather starve. I dunno which is worse, really.

This weekend flew by quickly, and I'm pretty dissapointed in how it was spent. I love WoW, don't get me wrong, but an entire weekend indoors, when outside it was so bright and beautiful really made me sad. I hate spending weekends indoors, but I'm broke, and Willy isn't willing to pitch in so we can go drive somewhere nicer. I had been planning a trip to VA to take the Skyline Drive, maybe visit an orchard, but no dice. He had to pay $400 to get his car fixed (LAME), and I had to pay for medicine, amongst other things. This really blows. I hate not having money. Where the hell is that raise I was promised?

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