Friday, November 9, 2007

Metal heaven has smiled upon us..

The metal gods have smiled upon us.

Blood Corps now has a new drummer. Yep, we fired Larry last night. It was gut wrenching, because while he was a really nice and friendly guy.. his attitude and style just didn't mesh with ours. We needed someone fast, someone who liked power metal, someone our age.

So now we have Rob. OH. MY. GOD. Rob is amazing.

Once the drummer for a power metal band called "Forgotten Realms" (LOL!!!!!), he studied at a prestegious music school (who's name escapes me) and plays a beautiful double bass pedal. Last night we asked him to play Run to the Hills with us. I literally squealed. I think I squealed all night. I was so happy I could have easilly fainted. It was that beautiful.

We're working on what songs to do next. Last night we practiced a bit of our new original, Death in the Hallows (Not a Harry Potter tribute, I swearz), and it came out so amazingly that I wanted to scream. In fact, I did. I screamed all night. My throat is so raw from all of the growling I added to my singing, but I tell you what, his drumming was so inspirational that I couldn't help it. I gave my 200% and I took the pain associated with heavy growling, and I growled like Hansi from Blind Guardian until my tiny little black heart could take no more.

We'll be booking more shows for the next few months. Narain gets back from India today, so we finally.. FINALLY.. have our permanant 5 man line-up.

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