Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On illigal immigrants

So this morning I went to Maaco to have Sunstreaker's spoiler repaired. It was sagging at the sides due to 1) my car being a low rider and easilly screwed up by curbs and 2) me being a dumbass and hitting curbs.

I went in and the dude looks it over. He says it will cost $550 to REPLACE the spoiler because I tore the thing completely apart. Damn. Way to go, Toyota. I swear to goodness, my car is light, but it's pieces are made of freaking cardboard. I seriously did NOT hit the curb that fast. I backed into it and hardly nicked it, but there you go.

So I'm all sad and I'm like, "Can't you just put some screws in it? Glue it?" because I'm a little desperate. Dude tells me they can put screws in it. It won't look great, but they'll do it.. so I say go for it, since it'll be a quick fix until I decide to replace the whole thing. Dude agrees, takes my car to the guys behind the creepy door.

I wait no more than five minutes.

A mechanic rolls my car back in, with two teeny weeny little black dots on each side of my spoiler. The screws. I was like "Oh! Dude!" because seriously, you can hardly see them. A little touch up paint or no, they're hardly there. And the spoiler is held up just fine. The guy in charge says it'll be $10, so I hand him my card.

No can do, apparently. I offer him a check, but nope.. the guy who fixed it doesn't have a bank account. He asks me for cash to give to him.

I think to myself, "This is a telltale sign of an illigal immigrant." I mean, he has a big white dude as his boss, he only takes cash, and he fixed my otherwise $550 spoiler for $10. Boss tells me I can go, it's fine. So I ran to an ATM,, took out $20, and ran back to pay them.

I understand the plight of illigal immigrants. Moreso do I understand that all most of them want to do is make an honest living, working. Unfortunately, they have really shitty represantatives out there that make the rest of them look bad. In general, the Latino work ethic is uncanny. We work for dimes and make this country sing, and people still hate it because they didn't come here legally. Which believe me, I understand. Laws need to be upheld. That's just the way it is.

I just wish that there was something that could be done to help them come here legally. I wonder sometimes, if all these immigrants were legal, would people still complain? Is this a race issue, or just an illigal immigrant issue? I'm not sure, but I do HOPE it's not a race issue.


Lady T said...

realistically, its probably a combo of the 2. that sucks, but thats the way it can be at times.

i wonder that too...wonder if there is something that could be done that would make the ones here legal....

perhaps i am not fully informed on the issue, but i do not understand why many get sooo riled up over the fact. i believe it is logical to pursue better opportunities in order to support one's family. and if you can get over here and work, i honestly dont blame those that do.

Duchess of Dork said...

Well there's a lot of people against giving illigal immigrants amnesty, here. I can understand why people are angry with them for coming over illigally.. but it's not like that's not what our country was founded on.

Most Americans are descended from immigrants! I can't imagine why they would have a problem with other ones.