Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Prodigies and composing

So I'm guessing this kid doesn't spend a lot of time with friends. Actually, he says so himself.

Meet the 15 year old composing prodigy. He is an example of how music and intelligence go hand in hand. Sometimes I don't think people understand the genius it takes to write good music. I'm not talking about a catchy tune, or even lyrics. I'm talking about how all of the instruments fit together, how they compliment eachother. As a composer myself, I know what I like to hear and what I like to make. I listen to the other metal bands that perform with me, and many of them are so reptatative it makes me wonder if they know what they're playing at all. Their songs have no structure, their instruments are mashed together at the same volume, and the singer growls in the same monotone voice throughout the entire song.

Now, with stuff like Dethklok I don't mind. It's funny. And to be honest, the instrumental background to all of their songs are well put together. You can her the lead guitar harmonizing with the rhythm guitar. You can hear the bass and the drums working together. That's what makes good music. Cooperation between the different facets. Not one instrument fighting for dominance.

We have six songs ready for the album, so far. We need 9. I'm hoping that by the time we have this album ready, people will understand that we're not just another metal band. We're something different. I don't sing like most female singers do, in metal bands. I have a low alto voice that can growl and move to a high soprano. Our lead guitarists are completely different in that one of them is influenced by power metal, and the other by standard US old-school metal. Our drummer is phenominal. Our bass player can play all of these instruments.

I'm hoping none of this goes to waste. I'm hoping that one day, we'll be appreciated for all of the work we're putting into this band, and won't be brushed aside by the latest teen idol. We take pride in our songs, and we take pride in the fact that they are indeed OURS. Now all we have to do is make some more of them.

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