Thursday, October 25, 2007

Animal Rights

Okay, I'm not an activist of any sort. I'm not the type who goes out of their way to save anything, I'll let you know this right now. However, I think I could be, just because this makes me sick.

So an "artist" thought it would be art to starve a dog, and exhibit his dead body. Apparently this bastard can't tell the difference between art and plain cruelty. How the fuck does someone starve an animal, then have the balls to call it art? That makes me really sick, and this guy needs to have the book thrown at him. This is not art. I don't care how many liberal arts bastards will say otherwise, it's not art. Where is my authority to judge what is and is not art? In my conscience. I mean holy shit, people. Have we artists become so disconnected that we can seriously kill an animal and claim it as a work of art? We better not. This is the last thing that the art community needs.

Please be aware of this type of cruelty, and know that it should not go unpunished.

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