Monday, October 29, 2007


Too goshdamn busy.

Saturday -

Woke up. Went to the DMV to get Willy's VA drivers license. Went to IHOP. Got myself the Colorado omelette and OMGWTF that thing was HUGE. Dude, I never considered eating steak for breakfast, but holy FUCK was it good. I managed to eat half of it, and half of my pancakes. I mean HOLY SHIZZLE that shit was good.. We walked around the mall and I bought a few moves, Carrie and From Hell. I loooove Carrie.

Then Willy locked his keys in his car, once we got home.. with ALL OF HIS PERSONAL INFO STILL INSIDE... so he had to call his mom to come up and drop off his spare keys. So we waited for her to come, then we went to Chipotle for lunch. I had tacos. They were awesome.

Then I dragged everyone to Fox Meadow Vineyards where we drank and made merry. Then, when we got home, our WoW buddies came over and we went to TGI Friday for food. Noj and I were pretty full, so I just ordered a drink and cheesecake, but the damn thing was too sweet and I only at half.

Sunday -

Woke up, took a shower. Met up with Sam and Justin, went to the Wok n' Roll for Chinese, then went to Jaxx. They pushed back the show from 2 to 5.. We played alright, though. My guys said it wasn't our best show, but I honestly can't usually tell when they make mistakes because I'm too focused on not making any myself. XD

Went home, drove to Maryland to pick up Willy, then finally went back home and went to sleep.

Such an exhausting weekend.

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