Friday, October 19, 2007

Racism within your own race?

How ridiculous is this?

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That black people are racist against one another is the most ridiculous and awe inspiring thing that I've ever heard. Next thing you know, Latinos are going to be pissed because my nose is European.

I remember my dad telling me that, as a kid in El Salvador, he was teased by a woman in town. My dad's really dark, definately deep-rooted with Native American blood, with solid black hair and black eyes. This lady used to tease him because his brother was lighter skinned, more my complexion. I'm lighter because I'm half White. Half Spanish White. Half blonde hair/green eyes White. My brother and sister both have white kids, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I swear to God, this stuff weirds me out. How the hell can you discriminate against people who's discrimination you share?? Isn't the world harsh enough on people? Why should we add to it? It makes no goshdamn sense.


Anonymous said...

Because unfortunately it is true. whats worse is when it is compiled on by people such as yourself. I am not saying that you directly are but I have had so many encounters of various shades and ethnos to say this is most certainly not rare.


Anonymous said...

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