Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So as you know, one of the chicks who's body I admire is Kim Kardashian, a vapid and slutty LA hooker, and former best buddy of Paris Hilton. As you can see from her photos, we're probably not too different in terms of shape. Well, that's not entirely true.. I am totally envious of her legs. We may have the same butt, but MAN her legs are in good shape. I'd also kill for her boobs. You know this.

Then again, you've always got the staple of femenine beauty, and that's miss Munroe. Who didn't envy her, back in the day? And no, ladies, she was NOT a size 16 at her heaviest. Not by today's standards. Not even a 12. She was, at her heaviest, a size 10 or 9 at most. She was also around 5'6", which explains her proportions. Kim Kardashian is 5'3", which is a bit more reasonable for me to use as a role model, since I am 5'1". I wonder how much she weighs?

I've been good on my diet, except last night I had a bit of wine. I'd say about half a glass. I had it with cheese, so it shouldn't have impacted me.. but this morning I went up a pound. Not a big deal. Weight tends to fluctuate when you're losing. I'd just better not start stalling again. My scale (which LIES) says 130, which is where I -ALWAYS- stall. Drives me crazy. I'll give it another few weeks, because I do NOT want to do the fat fast again. Of course, even if I don't lose it, if I get some breast implans I can always pull off Kim's look.

See the rolls?? Man I love her.

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