Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crappy vocal tracks + irritating hoebags = latest Britney Spears album

Let it be known that I am not a Britney Spears fan.

Her disregard for all things decent have caused me to not only despise her, but want her deported from the US to become some other nation's embarassment. I just listened to three tracks from her new album, and while the techno would be awesome on it's own, add her voice to it and it will make many people want to throw their monitors out of a window.

It's that bad.

She's always had this scratchy monotone voice. She likes to sing the same note for a long time because, well, the bitch has no range. Lots of female pop singers do this. They make up for their lack of musical talent by being ultra sexy, but Britney Spears can't even do that anymore. Is she fat? No, she's probably thinner than Kim Kardashian. Is she trashy? Yes. Is she trashy to the point where it's sad to look at her? Even moreso. She reminds me of a little kid who can no longer have her way, so she resorts to doing retarded things for attention. Like not wear panties, and spend hundreds of dollars a week at Starbucks. Buying what, you ask? Frappuchinos with more sugar in them than the Olsen twins on Full House. Then she calls herself a "fat pig" and cries. Then people are afraid she's "starving herself". I almost wish that she would so she could have a real problem. The problem with her is that there IS no problem. She's too rich and too self absorbed to see past the fact that nobody thinks she's sexy anymore. And the worse part is..

I just paid her more attention.

Well, I deserve to rant every once in a while. Chicks like this piss me off like nothing else. Plus this has been a slow work week for me and I need some kind of distraction. I'm seriously going NUTS here...

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