Friday, October 19, 2007

My Muse

There is one celebrity with whom I would like to model my body after. If I could have anyone's body, it would be her's.

I warn you right now. This girl is a talentless slut who came out with a sex tape similar to Paris Hilton. She is famous for her enormous ass. She likely has fake breasts. However, I believe that her fake boobs were put there to even out her giant butt, so all is forgiven. After all, I feel the same way. My hips and ass are huge, so why the hell do I have such mediocre boobs?

I've lost another 3lbs, and if my scale is to be trusted (which it's NOT) I'm 130lbs again. I don't believe this for a second, considering that the last time I saw my doctor, MY scale said 138, and HER scale said 143. So I'm going to let my clothes do the decision making for me. If they're looser, the diet is working. My jeans were a bit looser, yesterday. I'll let that speak for itself.

And now, the girl I would like my body to resemble... Kim Kardashian.

Click here to see her.

Surprised? Maybe. Her body isn't too far off from mine. She's definately taller than me, so I can only hope to have her shapely legs. She's NOT SKINNY. All she is, is devoid of cellulute. Which I have. In large ammounts. She dresses so awesome, and I definately wouldn't mind taking lessons from her. Damn my vanity to hell, but I wish I had her boobs. I WISH I didn't consider fake boobs to be ridiculous, because MAN do I love big boobs. Mine feel so inferior, and I just know that if I get down to my goal weight of 120lbs, they'll be the first things to shrink. Fucking A..

It's very likely that I'll never have real natural boobs that exceed a C cup unless I get pregnant, which might make me fat all over, and I can't be having that. Not again. I saw pictures of myself during my first year of college, and ladies and gentlemen, FUCK THAT. I refuse to ever be that fat again. I will tattoo the word FAT on my wrist before I ever allow myself to become that morbidly obese. No way in hell will I ever allow myself to be larger than a size 10 in jeans. I am 5'1". Being a size 10 is ridiculous. Come hell or high water, I WILL be a size 8, or even a 6. Goshdammit I want to wear a swimsuit and not feel ostricized. I want to be able to wear anything and look good. I want to feel hot, inside and out.

My ranting completed, I should like to end this on a high not.

As of today, 5 LBS gone!

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