Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cheating vs Starving

So last night, I cheated on my diet. It was a lot less easy than one would expect, given the circumstances. What happened was, I had no low-carb food in the house that I could make a meal from. So Willy decided we could make a stir fry, with rice to stretch the vegetables and what little meat we had. I asked my friends online for advice, and of course them being the sweet and loving people they are, tell me I don't need to lose weight, I'm fine, et cetera. Talk like that makes it so hard to lose ten pounds...So anyway, I ate about a cup of rice with some sausage and peppers. The sausage and peppers would have been good on their own, but there just wasn't enough for me to horde it and leave enough for the others in the house. This diet makes me feel kinda selfish sometimes.. but I'm going to go grocery shopping tomorrow, hopefully, and that will make things better. I'll need to buy more low-carb friendly things, like more meat that I can make easilly, lunch meat, cheese, lots of peppers and a few onions, maybe some broccoli and green beans. Things like that. I really didn't want to cheat, last night.

I'm just happy we'll be going out again, this weekend. We're taking Toki and Jin (my roommates) to the orchard we passed when we went to the vineyard last weekend, and then taking them to Fox Meadow. It should be lots of fun, I love a nice long car ride with people I love, and I love to get out of the house as often as possible. Tonight I have band practice, which I am sort of dreading, as it's our last one before our next show at Jaxx this Sunday. It's gonna be a Halloween show, which will be AWESOME, because this is my favorite holiday.. but still, I'm always nervous before any show. Wouldn't you be?


Lily T said...

Of COURSE you can read my blog! That’s what blogs are for!

It’s too bad about your “forced” cheat. It’s never enjoyable if you were forced to do it. But if the choice had to be between starving and cheating, I would have also chosen cheating. I use to put off grocery shopping all the time to the point that we were living off of scrapes in the back of by cupboard, but now I make it a point to shop every week. A word of advice though. Try not to shop on Monday. The stores are always empty from the weekend and the fruits and vegetables are not their freshest.

I think most people get nervous before performing before others. I think it helps you focus and perform better.

Scale Junkie said...

The one thing I found to work the best with any diet I've followed is to plan meals a few days in advance. Its not always easy but it allows several days notice to stop at the store and pick up something so you aren't forced to cheat.