Monday, October 22, 2007

Chinese food; on a diet!

If my scale can be trusted (which it can't), I'm down to 129. I do not trust my scale. However inaccurate it may be, however, I've still lost something, which is reason enough to be proud.

Willy and I just returned from eating Chinese, like we do every Monday. There's plenty of low-carb-friendly options at a Chinese food buffet. This like:

- beef and broccoli
- BQ pork
- mushrooms
- pepper chicken (without skin!)
- stir fry green beans

Just try to keep in mind: No bread, no sugar. If you keep that in your head, it will be pretty easy to see what you can and can not eat. Right now, I'm pretty full. Hurray for low-carb dieting! And now, for my inspiration. Oh Kim.. you sexy dumb ass whore.. you're so beautiful. One day I'll have a body close to yours. One that hasn't seen plastic surgery. One day.

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