Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 10

Woo, 10 days down! Only 30 more to go, heh. I am a quarter of the way through and I've found an overly expensive system that works, but probably won't continue with it because it is overly expensive. See, eating vegan, unless you don't mind gaining 20lbs on pasta and rice, is an expensive lifestyle. Expensive and annoying. I've found some juice that I can buy that gives me fiber and calories to last me until night time, but come on, $4.00 a bottle? I'd rather starve. And I will.

This morning I decided to go with a skirt, so I put on some pantyhose and my red shoes and a nice shirt. It was warm enough that I could go without pants. As soon as I get to McLean, I discover a huge run in my pantyhose. So I had to rush to CVS. On the way I went to the Italian grocery store where I bought my expensive-ass juice and a small bottle of soy milk. The soy milk was only $2.00... but anyhow, not doing that again. I do not like being hosed like this. I need either my own juicer, or to just suck it up. I could probably buy a juicer with the money I'll save on not buying anything for one week.

Practice went good, last night. I'm a little excited because we spent half an hour on the song I wrote at the end, and Fester (my drummer) really likes it and wants to use it. Unfortunately, it's only a week 'till our first show of the season.. but maybe we could do it for the next one? Ya never know. It would be awesome. Hopefully, I'll be seeing Watchmen today with EA. If not, Willy and I will catch it some other time.

That's it for now!

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