Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 12

Sorry, forgot to post yesterday...

Unfortunately had to eat during the day, due to cake tasting. Pretty sure God will forgive me for that, though. Went to dinner with my parents to celebrate my dad's birthday, and ordered "sweet and spicy shrimp". It was pretty gross. Basically just a bunch of shrimp in duck sauce. Never again. Left it for Willy to eat for lunch. He loves duck sauce.

We found the cake we wanted, tho'! Chocolate with kahlua ganache filling. AMAZING. It was so delicious! I would recommend our cake lady to anyone. She is seriously the best one we've found in the Washington DC area, and we've done... lets see... 3 cake tastings before this? And yes, she IS in fact, the best. So we're going with her for our 3 tier metal-themed cake from HELL.

Only 138 days until the wedding. Holy crap the days are going so fast!!

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