Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 21-22

Ack, forgot to post yesterday.. I was feeling horrible from about noon to four. I almost left work early because I felt that light headed/dizzy/nauseous feeling I get before I pass out. I discovered that whenever I wear a pair of pants that is tight around my mid-section, I get HORRIBLE nausea. And it isn't super tight or anything like that, just fitted. Another reason for me to lose weight once Lent is over...

You know, I've also realized how much fasting has changed my outlook on how I eat and how I -should- eat. When I do low carb and eat often, I feel really damn good. When I eat bread/pasta/potatoes, I feel all heavy and sick. I hate it. I hate this feeling. Being a vegan is really not for me. There aren't enough choices, and honestly, I don't feel -healthy-. I feel ill without being able to eat meat and cheese. I have headaches and neck pain and stomach pain and my sleep has gotten REALLY REALLY weird. I've been having wild vivid dreams of the strangest things. Horrifying things, in fact. Being a vegan has given me NIGHTMARES.

That's it, for now. Thank goodness the week is half-way over. I'm looking forward to celebrating Willy's birthday this Friday.


Okay, I cried watching this. This is an experiment where they filmed a fake "mom-zilla". A mom-zilla is a mother who goes NUTS during the pre-wedding process. Well, they showed what happened with a mom-zilla yelling at a skinny bride, and then a plus sized bride. The results were sad, but you know, they were also really inspiring. The woman at the very end made me cheer inside.

Getting ready for a wedding is NUTS, people. I have four months to put this shit together and I can feel my hair turning gray. And I'm OBSESSED with watching every bridal show I can for ideas. Have you ever tried to put together 18 centerpieces on a budget?!?! It's CRAZY!!

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