Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 15 & 16

I am -exhausted-. I've spent this week doing very little at work, so I devoted time to my band. I designed a new website ( ), I booked an entire show BY MYSELF, ( May 15th at Alley Katz! ) and drew up all the details I could possibly get my hands on for our other shows. I feel like I've become our manager. Throughout all of this I have also continued to fast.

Unfortunately, work has taken a turn for the worse. The client didn't like our style, so we've had to scrap 2 months of development to go into an entirely different direction. The good news is that I'm doing a storyboard of my ideas and they seem to be doing alright. :) The bad news is that I feel utterly nauseous. Coffee always has this effect on me. WHY DO I DRINK IT?? It always ALWAYS makes me feel sick.

Then of course, my wireless adapter died last night. So I haven't been on WoW for two days. Gotta go buy a new chord, but I have practice tonight and a show tomorrow, so God knows when I'll be able to do that...

Just like to note; today is day 16. YESTERDAY was day 15. I have become a day behind in my posts. So I am combining yesterday and today as not to get confused.

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