Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 9

Last night became a night of comfort food. I went to the store and picked up two cans of mushrooms to add to the marinara sauce I had, plus some whole wheat spaghetti, and some garlic bread. No worries, the garlic bread was made with margarine, so I stuck to the vegan thing. ;) I also tried out that "naked" juice during lunch with a small bottle of soy milk. Man, that naked juice is THICK. I got another one for breakfast this morning, but it's not the same. The grape one is like a smoothie, but the orange/mango thing is just juice. I got a can of V8 for lunch, so I won't be in pain today.

Which is good, because I have band practice tonight, and one of my guitarists told me a few weeks ago I'd leave without a voice. *insert middle finger here*

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