Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 31

I've been spending every waking moment behind my computer, sending out resume after resume, and getting nothing in return. As of right now, I've applied to over sixty jobs, both in my field and within the scope of what I am capable of. Today I have an interview at one o'clock, for something that will probably be sales. I wouldn't mind doing sales, but I pray that it isn't telemarketing. Not that I wouldn't do it if it paid the same amount, but, if it doesn't pay the same amount and it's just telemarketing, then my only lead will be for nothing.

So I'm praying to god that me dressing in a suit will do more than land me a gig behind the phone. Or worse yet, be for absolutely nothing. Because I need money. I don't care if I'm miserable while I do it, I need money to live.

I didn't go to band practice last night because of Stagi's graduation/after party. He's Willy's best man and best friend, and I felt it important to celebrate. After all, dude was in college for a long time. It's gotta feel good to finally be out of there. Hopefully he'll have luck in the job market. Hopefully, so will I.

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