Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 27

Thanks to the people who continue to encourage me through this. Even though I can no longer fast for health related reasons, I still feel as if I failed. Like I was too weak to keep it up, but, this is the only body I have and I can't afford to hurt it anymore than it's already been hurt.

I ran out of my Advair a week ago, and haven't been able to get a refill because my bank needs to issue me a new card. Well I realized just how bad my asthma was, because without doing anything strenuous, I can feel my breathing constricted. Even right now, just sitting her, it feels tight. When I go outside into the cold, it gets worse. If I do any sort of workout, I wheeze and get dizzy. I need my inhaler around three times a day. That's how bad it is, and it's ridiculous to me.

I changed my eating for Lent, but now I've had to change it again. I'll still be a vegetarian, and I'll avoid as much animal product as I can, but I'm eating breakfast and having a mid-day snack. Today I brought olives and had oatmeal for breakfast. Throughout this it's lots and lots of water. Once Lent is over, I'll be low-carbing again to prepare for the wedding. Only four months away, now.. getting ever closer. My parents just helped us massively, and I want to make sure it's a beautiful day for them as well as me.

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