Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 13

The problem with fasting is that at the end of the day, I binge eat. It's all vegan, but still. I can binge on hummus, you know? It feels bad. I hate the feeling of fullness that I get at night. I prefer that moderate feeling that I get after having a very light meal. Not full, but not hungry.

Tomorrow I'll take that Naked juice to work so I won't get all tired and headache-y. Today was a full of fail for me. I need to stop overdoing it on the food when I get home. I know it's my body trying to make up for lost calories, but it's going to have a terrible effect on me.

Oh well, day 13 down.

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Davalian said...

It's been really really hard to resist doing this. What I've done to help is keep the water bottle by the desk. If I feel the munchies creeping up, I take a bit. Refil when I get to half so that I'm never empty and craving something.