Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 28

Only 12 more days and I can get back on my normal diet. I miss meat like crazy, lemme tell ya.. having a chicken salad or some kind of meat wrap for lunch was a godsend. I've brought oatmeal and carrots today, and hopefully it will keep me from getting lightheaded in the afternoon, like yesterday...

It was a scary experience. I get road hypnosis very badly when I drive home in the afternoon. Traffic is slow, and my eyes keep wanting to close. I nearly pass out, but then, as I see the lights of the car in front of me, my eyes open quick and I get this burst of adrenaline that keeps me bright and alert for about a minute. Then the process happens again. I've tried everything I could to stop this from happening. Loud music, singing in the car, the windows rolled down, but nothing helps. I wonder if it really is the lack of food, because this was a problem for me way before I ever started fasting. I used to get it very badly when I worked at my first job, and drove from Forestvile Maryland to Chantilly Virginia every day.

I'm trying my best to fix it, but one of the problems is how late Willy and I get home. He goes to bed at 1AM playing something on his computer, and since we live in a studio and his computer is right next to the bed, it keeps me up. So I get to bed by 1 and wake up at 8. Leave the house at 8:30, get the WORST traffic going in, and coming out. If I could get to bed earlier, it might help. I used to be able to sleep while he played in the living room, but the studio has made this impossible. Now I have to nag him to GET OFF THE DAMN COMPUTER or I end up in bed at 1AM.

And he doesn't need to leave early. He gets up at 8:30 or 8:45 and is out by 9 because his job is closer and people at his office get in later. So basically unless I nag him, I am screwed. I really hate this tiny apartment.

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